Our fashion choices and trends are still being affected by COVID, the style society is seeking to look good but won’t sacrifice comfort to do so. Call it the COVID effect and it will continue to be a fashion force all year long. But if you are tired of your trusty trackies then swap them to one of 2021’s biggest trends – the legging. Yes you read that right, the legging is back in full force but better than you remember, it’s not the legging of your childhood nor the old faithfuls you wear to pilates, in 2021 leggings are fancy with details like split hems, stirrups, patent material and statement waistlines.

To combat the age old debate “if leggings are pants” choose a pair that is made from thick fabric like ponte that holds you in and smooths over bumps.

Top Picks:

Effie Kats Canon pant in black

$129.00 AUD

Cannon black faux patent-leather leggings from Net-a-porter

$98.00 AUD

PE Nation Jump Fake legging

$149.00 AUD

Bais Sashi legging

$159.00 AUD

New Look Petite leather look leggings from ASOS

$40.00 AUD

How to Style: team your leggings with wardrobe staples like collared shirts, chunky knits, leather and oversized blazers to take them from the couch to the city.