Maternity Style: How to Dress Your Bump

I’m currently writing this at 38 weeks pregnant so it’s quite the understatement that my maternity style guide is long overdue. Maternity dressing can be quite difficult, the baby bump is always changing shape and of course growing making it difficult to predict sizing and it can also create a lot of uncertainty as pieces in your wardrobe that may have been your go-to’s and pieces that brought you confidence no longer fit or are even an option. For me I love a great high waisted jean or pant and with an ever growing bump over the past (almost) 9 months, my favourite pieces to wear quickly became an impossible option.

So how do you embrace your ever changing body while still harnesses your own unique style? I’m going to share some of my favourite styles and tips in the hope that these will help you feel confident during your pregnancy.

1) Don’t confine yourself to maternity labels and brands only.

I actually published another blog on this and why I rarely purchase maternity specific clothing and essentially it comes down to cost per wear and that maternity brands are often more expensive than similar non maternity styles and rarely reflect my own (or my clients’) personal style in an authentic manner. It’s hard to feel good in something when it was only bought out of necessity and doesn’t suit your own unique style.

What do I think is important to buy from maternity brands? Most definitely invest in some great maternity jeans and denim shorts (depending on the season) as non-maternity styles can be hard to find a correct and comfortable fit. A maternity specific pair with an over the bump coverage also has the added benefit of providing support to the body. And of course maternity bras, that goes without saying. Beyond that I haven’t worn any other maternity specific clothing this pregnancy (or my last one). My favourite are TopShop Maternity jeans (available at The Iconic and ASOS) and Morrow & Mint for nursing bras.

2) Look for clothing with stretch.

Any item of clothing with high elastane and stretch is going to be your best friend during the full 9 months of pregnancy. Not only will the stretch be comfortable (a must when your body itself is aching) but anything that can expand and last the full 9 months (and then post pregnancy) is worth the investment. My go to were stretch midi dresses (the extra length allows for larger bumps towards the end of pregnancy) that can be layered up or down and worn multiple ways.

My favourite brands for dresses and skirts with stretch are Bayse Brand and Kookai.

3) Shirred details

Just like high elastane stretchy dresses, tops and dresses that have shirring stretch and expand over an ever changing body. The added benefit is that shirred details are on trend and easy to shop in-store. The brands that I have been wearing on repeat are Ganni, Never Fully Dressed, Petal & Pup.

4) Voluminous Silhouettes

It goes without saying that anything that is oversized and has extra volume is going to be comfortable and being comfortable should be just as important as being stylish. Embrace the summer vibe by choosing styles in silk and linen and pair with chunky sandals.

5) Under Bust Details

Styles that have an under bust seam or detail create a flattering silhouette by creating shape around the top of the bump (think of it as your new “waistline” for the next 9 months). Soft satins and silks with drape beautifully over your bump or choose a more voluminous silhouette with textured fabrics.

6) Soft Knits & Pleats

If you’re looking for something more soft and feminine choose dresses and skirts in ribbed knit or subtle pleats. The lightweight knit and pleated fabrics will create beautiful movement around your new curves and growing bump.

Maternity dressing doesn’t need to be restrictive. I’m sure you have noticed that all the styles above are non maternity specific brands and yet they dress a bump well, as well as seeing you styled beautifully well beyond after the baby’s arrival, making them perfect additions to your wardrobe for now and in the future.

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