How to style metallics for day

How to Style Metallics for Day

As a stylist it’s a no brainer that I get constantly asked how to style different wardrobe staples up and down and how best to mix and match pieces. But one of the most comment requests is how to make those fancy, special occasions appropriate for every day. Just because a piece in your wardrobe is shiny, sparkly or metallic doesn’t mean you need to categorise this piece to fancy occasions only, there are 3 easy steps you can use to style your favourite metallic pieces down to become casual wear.

1) Style with cotton basics

It sounds simple but the easiest way to casual-fy high octane metallics is to pair them back with the most casual of pieces in your wardrobe, the humble cotton basics. Think your favourite tees and shirts. Layer a tee or long sleeve under a sequin dress. Tuck in an oversized shirt or choose a vintage band tee to add a little cool girl edginess. Even the most basic of plain white tees are the perfect casual balance to what was a dressy metallic skirt.

2) Pair with denim

Denim, whether it’s jeans, shorts or a jacket, are a great textural balance to metallic silks and shiny sequins. To amp up the casual tone of an outfit choose oversized or less fitted pieces, such as boyfriend or mum jeans or a trucker style denim jacket. Extra points for anything distressed.

3) It’s all in the shoe

Shoes alone have the power to take an outfit from formal to casual and the ultimate player in the casual field is the white sneaker. Whether you are a fan of the classic Converse, sleek white leather street style sneakers or the chunky “dad” sneaker it doesn’t matter, any sneaker will automatically make any outfit feel every day appropriate.

Still confused? Why not contact me for further information on how to mix and match your wardrobe pieces.

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