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Personal styling is more than just clothing. The right clothing that flatters your shape, highlights your best features and is injected with your personality can allow you to feel empowered and confident. That is what personal styling is all about to me.

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Is it for you?

Do you wake up each morning, look in your wardrobe and say that you have nothing to wear?

Does getting ready in the morning give you feelings of panic or overwhelm?

Do you get overwhelmed when walking into a shopping centre or you struggle to find that specific clothing piece you need?

I have always been drawn to fashion.

About Me

Growing up, I would often hear my dad saying “life is not a runway Juvelle” when I would hold up the rest of the family deciding which outfit to wear. Then as a young adult I was that one person that friends and family turned to when wanting a second opinion on an outfit.

Some of my Achievements I am Most Proud Of

Stylist of the year

Australian Style Institute Stylist of the Year 2016

Westfield senior stylist

Westfield WA Senior Stylist

Bio Oil

Styled Jessica Rowe for large national campaign with Bio Oil at the Hutt Lagoon (pink lake) in northern WA.

Privé Runway

Co-creator, producer & stylist for Privé Runway, a yearly runway event held in Perth.

Leading brands

Worked with brands and companies such as Dyson, Country Road, Forever New, RAC, Cricket Australia and The West Australian.


As well as Jessica Rowe I have styled celebrities including Nicole Trunfio, Tash Oakley, Lindy Rama-Ellis (nee Klim), Elyse Knowles, Samantha Harris and Heidi Anderson.

A Selection of

My Services

Wardrobe Refresh

Wardrobe Refresh

Do you wake up each morning, look in your wardrobe and say that you have nothing to wear? Even though your wardrobe is full of clothing? Does getting ready in the morning give you feelings of panic or overwhelm? Or maybe when you put an outfit on it just doesn’t feel right, it may not fit properly or it doesn’t feel authentically you. Then you need a Wardrobe Refresh.

Take Me Shopping

Take Me Shopping

Does the majority of your wardrobe not fit or flatter your shape? Do you get overwhelmed when walking into a shopping centre or you struggle to find that specific clothing piece you need? If so then it is probably time to give your wardrobe an overhaul and update it. The Take Me Shopping package is perfect if you feel your wardrobe is lacking in options or you are longing for a fresh start on your style

Complete Restyle

Complete Restyle

The Complete Restyle Package allows you to feel effortlessly and stylishly put together every day. This is the package that gives you the best of both worlds, the complete transformation in which you will have a wardrobe full of pieces that fit and flatter you, enable you to create endless looks that represent your style and lifestyle and yet your wardrobe won’t cause you overwhelm. every piece will be stylist approved, your very own curated wardrobe.

Virtual Styling

Virtual Styling Session

I understand that everyone leads busy lifestyles, and you may not have the time to go physically shopping for three hours. Or you may not be available in Perth however you wish to discover your best style yet so all of my packages can be run as a virtual session.

Thanks so much again for today – you NAILED IT! Totally obsessed with everything you picked out! I want you to dress me for the rest of my life. Even my funeral!

Dr Katherine Iscoe

My name is Jude McEwen I am salon Owner, Art Director and National Educator for Toni and Guy Australia. Over the last three years I have had the pleasure of working with and along side Juvelle at a number of photo shoots, fashion events and soirées. She has never failed to fulfil my vision, and deliver above and beyond in professionalism. Her attention to detail and unique eye has helped me win a gold of Australia at the global Wella trends awards this year. I am so grateful to have meet such focused and talented stylist, who has never made me feel intimidated. She always makes me completely comfortable but isn’t afraid to guide me in order to get the best outcome.

Jude McEwen

Salon Owner, Art Director and National Educator, Toni and Guy Australia

Honestly, the best thing I ever did was invest in someone like Juvelle to come over and clear up my wardrobe because I was thinking I needed to buy a whole heap of new stuff and chuck everything out. She has just literally, put so many different outfits together of stuff that I need an I don’t need to go shopping. I don’t even need to go shopping for summer. I’ve got everything there, just had to mix it all around and because in my head I was putting certain outfits together and I was like oh well that goes with jeans so I can’t wear this with that and blah blah blah. Anyway, the best thing I ever did was invest in her because now I never have to go to the shops.

I literally message her and say what I mean. She sends it over. So, what you pay for someone to help you like that, you’ll save because you’re not going to the shops and spending shitloads.

Heidi Anderson

I really enjoyed my session with you, in particular how you showed me why items would suit me or not suit me. It’s given me an idea of what to look for when I want to add more things to my wardrobe. I also liked that there was no pressure to buy, putting things on hold was a great option. I mean, I bought everything, but I didn’t feel as if I had to. I found the pre-styling questions helpful for me to organise my thoughts as well as helping you understand my style and likes/dislikes. And I liked that you obviously read my answers and used these to suggest things that would work.

Jodie Kimber

When you shop with Juvelle nothing is forced upon you or you are persuaded into purchasing anything that you don’t feel 100% with. I’m also encouraged to try items that I wouldn’t normally with no pressure. I have also learnt a lot, I used to buy clothes every week or every other week and it would never be worn or just returned. Now if I do buy something I have a clearer idea in my mind what suits me.

Jessica Goh

Before my session with Juvelle when I would go shopping I would end up trying on loads of things and coming home with nothing or things that I don’t end up wearing. I found when I went with Juvelle it so much better than shopping by myself (when It was really nice to try out new things (that I would never pick up off the hanger myself) and find myself loving them! I now enjoy getting dressed in the mornings. I am feeling more confident – the clothes Juvelle helped me pick are flattering and I’ve been getting lots of compliments from people!

Emma Wang