About Me

After much exploration and starting a career in sports science I felt unfulfilled in my job. I craved more creativity beyond the same sport shorts every day and the ability to help others.

I have always been drawn to fashion. Growing up, Barbie was my go to toy with her endless wardrobe and Posh Spice my favourite Spice Girl. In my teens, you could often hear my dad saying “life is not a runway Juvelle” when I would hold up the rest of the family while I decided which outfit to wear. And as an adult I was that one person that friends and family turned to when wanting a second opinion on an outfit. So in hindsight it’s really no surprise that I turned this passion into a career in styling.

I am passionate about connecting with my clients and providing each and every one of them with an individual service as unique as them. Personal styling is more than just clothing. The right clothing that flatters your shape, highlights your best features and is authentic to your personality can allow you to feel empowered and confident. That is what personal styling is all about to me.