3 Ways to Cuff Your Jeans

Cuffing your jeans puts a finishing touch on any outfit. It gives personality to your outfit and gives the perception to the rest of the world that you put in a little bit of extra effort and care that morning when you got ready (even if that extra effort only took up 30 seconds of time). Also believe it or not but cuffing hemlines, including your jeans, is a form of illusion dressing. By shortening the length of your jean it tricks the eye into thinking you have the appearance of longer legs and even the illusion of a more slender leg shape. It’s also a perfect styling trick when you have beautiful statement shoes you want to show off or are wearing shoes with ankle ties/straps.

There are many ways that you can cuff your jeans but I’m going to show you the 3 main ways to cuff your jeans including which cuff techniques best suit which jean style. Watch the video below for a step by step guide.

Cuff 1: Wide Fold

Perfect style: straight leg or wide jeans.

Technique: The easiest cuffing technique you could learn. It literally takes a second or two per leg as it is one wide fold. It’s meant to look purposeful and being a wide cuff it makes a statement.

Use your thumbs to measure the width of your choosing then fold upwards over your thumbs and use your hands to crease the cuff in place.

Cuff 2: Double Roll

Perfect style: straight leg, tapered leg, boyfriend, mum and skinny leg jeans.

Technique: Take the hemline where the stitching line is and you want to roll the hemline directly above that stitch point, pull down and press to create a crease. Next repeat this same cuff technique (of the same width) to hide the stitching and create a neat firm double cuff.

Cuff 3: The fold and roll

Perfect style: boyfriend jeans and straight leg jeans when you want to create a tapered shape instead.

Technique: Take the outside seam (about 1-2cm of seam) and fold it over to bring the hemline width inwards, this will create the desired tapered shape. Then similar to the double roll cuff you want to fold directly above the seam point and then roll again to secure the folded outside seam.

These cuffing techniques are not limited to females only (I always encourage my male clients to cuff their jeans, especially when wearing boots or high rise shoes) nor are these techniques limited to just jeans. You can use the same techniques with any kind of pant or chino to bring about your own sense of style and personality to your outfit.

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