Discover you own personal style

Discover Your Personal Style in 5 Steps

Our personal style represents so much of our personal identity and yet so many of us struggle to put into words how they would describe their own personal style. And let’s not even get started on other details such as knowing what suits our shape. Yet if we can’t understand our own style how can we make smart shopping choices or choose outfits in the morning without overwhelm or feeling uncomfortable in what we resignedly choose to wear?

Knowing our personal style helps us make style decisions with clarity in both the shops, when browsing online or selecting from our own wardrobes and luckily if you are already feeling confused, I have 5 easy steps that will help you nail your style every day.

1) Find a style muse

Think about the people whose style you are often drawn to. Is there a celebrity, blogger or even designer who you always make sure to keep up to date with on Instagram? Or is there a family member or friend whose style you admire? It’s very rare that we’ll only be attracted to one person, often there’ll be a collection of people that we are drawn to, a collection that you can now look to for future inspiration.

2) Define your style

The hardest step and yet the most important step is putting some words to your own style. Luckily step 1 helps you. Look over some pictures of your “style muses” and ask yourself what is it about their style that you love? Is it because it’s classic? Bohemian? Feminine? Sexy? Try to put some words to it to define why you love your muses’ style. After a while the same words will keep reappearing, these are the styles you are attracted to and are the words to use to describe your style.

3) Rules are meant to be broken

I’m a big believer that structured body shape rules are meant to be broken, every body is different so it makes sense that not everyone fits the same 5 traditional body shape moulds. Instead focus on your body what do you love about it? When things make you feel good, ask why. Just as important when they don’t, also ask yourself why. By paying attention and inquiring deeper you’ll start to learn about the areas of your body, your shape and which areas to highlight and in turn celebrate.

4) Experiment

While looking at style muses is a great place to start to take style inspiration from but you need to make it your own. How do you do that? Experiment! Put on some tunes, grab a glass of wine and spend a few hours in your wardrobe mixing and matching items to form new outfits that maybe you hadn’t considered before. You might be surprised by what you discover, you may just find your new favourite outfit.

5) Buy less, consider more

When shopping ask yourself are you buying this piece because it’s this seasons’ “must have” trend? Instead critically ask yourself are you buying this piece because it suits your style definition and you know it will go with at least 5 other pieces in your wardrobe. We all get sucked into popular culture or if we are honest the price tag of an item, but by taking an extra moment to understand your buying habits you’ll end up with more pieces in your wardrobe you love, know suit you and feel great in.


Sounds too hard? Want more direction to discover your own personal style? Enquire about my personal styling packages.

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