Denim jeans are a wardrobe staple for both men and women. They are a timeless style saviour that can be worn casually with cotton tee for every day and dressed up (hello jeans & a “nice top”) for nights out. The right fitting pair of jeans can enable you to feel confident the minute you put them on but how do you find that perfect pair of jeans? Below is the denim jeans fit guide you need.

Fit Over Size:

Frustratingly not all sizes are created equal; one size 12 pair of jeans will not fit exactly the same in comparison to another size 12 pair of jeans, within a single brand and between different brands. Sizing can differ based on multiple factors such as: the type of denim (stretch which contains elastane has more give vs rigid 100% cotton denim which doesn’t have any stretch), different dyes/washes and distressed detailing all impact whether a size runs small, true or larger than normal. Therefore, focus on fit rather than size.

Stretch Factor:

Did you know rigid denim jeans stretch and take multiple wears to mould properly to your shape? Rigid denim will stretch around tension points, such as the waist, hips and thighs. Therefore, to choose the right size choose one that feels a little too snug/tight to allow for the stretch factor (if you don’t your jeans will feel become too big after a couple of weeks).

Jeans with stretch like elastane or spandex already blended into the cotton won’t permanently give and mould like rigid non-stretch denim so therefore purchase the pair that feels right from the beginning. Also look for denim that has around 1 – 2% elastane/spandex as these styles will continue to hold their shape without sagging over time.

The Yoke

When you pick up a pair of jeans turn them over and look at the yoke, which is the piece of material between the waistband and bottom panels (where the pockets sit). Generally a V shape (rather than a straight) will provide a more flush fit around the back and reduce gaping.

The Pockets

The pocket placement matters in creating great bottom shape. Choose pockets that are placed fairly widely apart and sit lower on your bottom. They should start about mid-way down your bottom and end at the tops of your thighs (where the bottom crease is).

Try Before You Buy:

Jeans are meant to move with you so move! Bend over, sit, squat – whatever it takes (or you have room for, in the change room) to see how the denim manipulates with each movement. Look at them from all angles. Do they gape in the back or look funny in the crotch when you sit or does the waist band slide down to reveal your underwear when you bend over? These are all the things you want to find out before purchasing your next pair of jeans. Therefore, you need to take your time to try on each pair properly and move about.

And that’s it, 5 simple steps to help you find the perfect pair of jeans. Happy shopping!