Retail brands, designers and stylists all throw around the term “basics” on what feels like a daily basis but what exactly is a basic? Well I like to think of them as the foundation pieces to your wardrobe and therefore outfits. They should be pieces that are timeless (not dictated by trends), wash and wear well and be worn as staples to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. Think of your favourite plain white tee that can be styled both casually and dressed up with the addition of a few structured pieces or a humble black skirt that takes you from weekend brunch to work and a multitude of occasions in between. These are perfect examples of basics that could be (and should be) in your wardrobe now.

Some of my favourite basics are not only designed but made in Perth locally which makes me love them even more as it means I am supporting local designers and their production teams too plus I know the quality is going to be better than anything that could be found a a mega chain store. So what are my favourite local basics? Let me share them with you.


Designed by a local stylist, Sylvia Bogdanowski, and produced by a local team using the very best quality cotton, hemp and linen so you know that you are getting the very, very best in basics. Not only does _Bais 100% support local workers but they also aim to be as sustainable as they can so a purchase is great for everyone all round. I particularly love the _Bais tees, they are super soft cotton and won’t lose their shape after constant wash and wear. Really there is no downside to _Bais Clothing.

PS _Bais also have 20% off at the moment


ILKA label run by two super lovely local Perth gals Erin and Kate, specialise in ready to wear clothing that is timeless and can be styled endless ways. ILKA produce great tees in all your favourite classic colours as well as fun graphic prints that will liven any outfit. ILKA also do great wardrobe staples like dresses and skirts available in a range of colours and prints to suit any style, body or occasion. Whenever you purchase from ILKA you know it’s a piece that will stay loved in your wardrobe for years to come. All of ILKA’s clothing is also designed and produce in Perth from high quality ethically sourced fabric so you can feel good about your purchase.

Empire Rose

Empire Rose is a womenswear label run by the talented Kathryn Cizeika, which has forged a path in the Perth fashion scene for the past 22 years. Empire Rose pieces are proudly designed and produced in the North Fremantle studio and bridge the gap between modern and timeless. There is a hint of sports-luxe to the Empire Rose aesthetic and yet an elegance in the print and material selection. You can everything from tees, tracksuits, shirts, dresses, rock and roll cool coordinated sets and even pieces with sparkle for those special events via Empire Rose. While Empire Rose doesn’t strictly do “basics” their pieces are timeless and can be worn both casually and formal so they are part of my go to.

Lastly if you don’t have the means to support local by purchasing it’s completely understandable at a time like this. Why not engage with local boutiques, labels & brands via social media? Or share their posts, you never know what your reach could do to positively impact someone. Knowing we are all in this together can be powerful in feeling less isolated and reducing anxiety.